Sunday Services – What to expect

Morning & Evening Service
Sunday’s 11:00am and 6:30pm

A reformed, expository ministry (designed to help people understand and face the truths of the Christian faith) with the emphasis firmly on a warm, practical application to the Christian life.

  • Bible

    We use the New King James Version of the Bible – church bibles are available for use (on your left as you enter the church). At the beginning of a service we often read a Psalm together, with the service Leader reading the first verse, and the congregation the second verse, and so on through the Psalm.

  • Hymn Books

    We use Christian Hymns and a Hymn Supplement (light green hymn book) – there should be copies in the holder on the chair in front of you when you sit down.

  • Loop System

    A Loop System was installed by Action on Hearing Loss (formerly the RNID) in November 2015, so if your hearing aid has a ‘T’ position, this can be used to listen to the service.

  • Amenities

    Toilets, including disabled access and baby change facilities, are situated to the rear of the main church hall on the left-hand side.

  • Collection

    A collection is taken during the service – if you are visiting, don’t feel obliged or embarrassed, it is intended for those in regular attendance at the church who would like to give to support the work.

  • Building Access

    There is ramp access at the left side of the building for wheel-chairs or push-chairs, and a crèche is held during the services (if needed).

  • Parking

    The church has a carpark located on Sandfield Park (the road to the right of the church) – please make use of this when visiting the church.

  • Lord's Table (Communion)

    The Lord’s Supper (or communion) is normally taken twice every month – on the first Sunday in the evening, and on the third Sunday in the morning. It is intended for those who are baptised and in membership and good-standing of like-minded churches, though anyone can stay and observe what goes on. (To aid practicality, the congregation are encouraged to sit in alternate rows during the communion part of the service – this enables the church Office Bearers to pass out the bread and wine more easily).