500 Years of the Gospel in England – The Battle for the Gospel

Following Pastor John Palmer’s series of talks on “Why remember the Reformation” in 2017, the follow-on series for 2018 is called “500 years of the Gospel in England”. The talks were given at Bethany Evangelical Church, Leigh. Lecture 1 – The battle of the Gospel (Part 1) – 16th January 2018 500 years of the Gospel in England – Lecture …

Design: Darwinian or Divine?

Design: Darwinian or Divine? Thursday 22nd March 2018 Philip Bell – Creation Ministries International Design: Darwinian or Divine?

Thanksgiving for Arthur Foster

Thanksgiving for Arthur Foster on Friday 9th February 2018 at Aughton Park Baptist Church (29th May 1942 to 28th January 2018) Thanksgiving for Arthur Foster